Frequently Asked Questions

Why have a Gated Community?

The Residents Association was formed in response to high crime rates in our area. National averages are Property Crimes (55%) and Violent Crimes (32.5%). The Closure has resulted in crime being reduced to around 90% of previous levels in the area.

Who runs the Combined Broader Closure?

The Residents Association, which was formed in 2001 by a group of concerned residents. The Association is run by a Committee of volunteers. None are paid.

Who pays for the Combined Broader Closure?

Contributing residents fund the Closure. Members contribute in full or in part according to their circumstances.

How many residents contribute towards the Closure?

At the moment only 47% are contributing and we are only receiving 42% of the payable income. Unless more residents come on board the future of the closure is in jeopardy.

Why should residents contribute?

Without funds the closure will cease to exist. The funds are used for the maintenance of the guard huts, booms, gates and a dedicated patrol car. The closure also directly affects your safety, property value, home and car insurance costs.

Why do residents pay separately for home security and the Closure?

Many residents have contracts with their own security companies, making it difficult for them to change to the same company used for the Closure. The Committee signs a contract with the security company offering the best deal at the time for a set period.

Why does the closure allow non-residents to walk and drive through the area?

The Combined Broader Closure is defined as an Enclosed Neighbourhood with Public Roads. It is not a private Enclosure or a Security Village, and as such nobody may be refused entry.

Which areas does the Combined Broader Closure cover?

The Closure covers Highway Gardens, part of Harmelia and Buurendal Ext 1. 24 Hour booms are located at Beverley, Patridge and Steyn. Glen and Hendrik are 12 hour booms which are open from 6am to 6pm.

How long does it take to establish an enclosure?

Our closure took 5 years to be approved. A vast amount of work had to be done before the submission to Council could take place, including mandating of residents, advertising for objections, hiring a consultant to prepare the application, commissioning a traffic impact study and drawing of site development plans. In our case there were two tribunals before final approval was granted. We had to engage an advocate to represent us at the tribunal. Approval is granted for a period of 2 years, after which a reapplication has to be submitted. Our reapplication is currently with the Council.

Are gated communities and road closures a South African phenomenon?

In short, no. In post-segregation South Africa, gated communities have mushroomed in response to high levels of violent crime. Read more about it here

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