Welcome to the Combined Broader Closure

The Combined Broader Closure is defined as an Enclosed Neighbourhood with Public Roads. It is not a private Enclosure or a Security Village, and as such nobody may be refused entry. However the Closure has resulted in crime being reduced to around 90% of previous levels.

The Residents Association was formed in 2001 by a group of concerned residents in response to the high crime rates in the Highway Gardens area. The Association is run by a Committee of volunteers.

The Closure is funded by residents, of which only 51% (281 residents) contribute. Members contribute in full or in part, according to their circumstances. However it only equates to 47% of the payable income.

Benefits of Gated Communities

  • Crime reduction - the main reason for a gated community is to assist in the reduction of crime. Our own statistics have shown that this is the case.
  • Residents Association - residents have improved social association and are more aware of each other and their needs as opposed to everyone being an island on their own.
  • One voice - an association has a better impact on services than individuals. An example is improved interaction with our local police.
  • Pooling resources - the more members we have the lighter the load on individual families.
  • External Impact - property and house prices are improved by having a gated community and insurance companies acknowledge the benefits by reducing their rates.
  • Social - being a member reduces the psychological impact of social exclusion and overcomes stress and negative behaviour related to this phenomenon.
  • Home value - when a residential area becomes part of a gated community there is no doubt that it becomes a desirable place to stay, therefore increasing the value of properties.

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